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Our Mission

The conscious decision to become a physician must start with a burning desire to help people. When assembling my “team”, I looked for those with this same passion. To us, there is no better feeling than to know we have helped make someone’s life better. At Bone and Joint Specialists, providing excellent orthopedic care is only part of what we do. A warm, friendly greeting when you come into the office; a pleasant, familiar voice on the phone when you call; the time spent hearing about your family or talking sports; and the kaleidoscope of extra personal “touches”, like not having you wait weeks for test results, having the physician call you after your outpatient surgery, remembering your name, and having the same staff, year after year, who actually care for you as a person are what set us above the rest.

What's New

  • NEW Total Knee Replacement - Saves your ligaments
  • Stem Cell Injections
  • Ambulatory Joint Replacements
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