General Areas of Expertise

As a general orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Goldhagen can treat all injuries and conditions related to your bones, joints, and muscles for both adults and pediatric patients. He also has a special interest in arthritis and sports medicine.

Dr. Goldhagen

Dr. Goldhagen performs a number of unique procedures, including custom mini-open total knee replacement and anterior supine intermuscular total hip replacement.

The following is an overview of Dr. Goldhagen's general areas of expertise in both adult and pediatric patients.

  • Arthritis & Total Joint Replacement
  • Anterior Supine Hip Replacement
  • Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy , including ligament reconstruction
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains
  • Fracture care
  • Foot & Ankle Care
  • Hand Surgery
  • Treatment of Work-Related Injuries
  • Evaluation & Treatment for Osteoporosis
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Treatment of Spine Disorders
  • Diagnostic Radiology Services
  • Independent Medical Evaluation (for insurance companies, etc.)
  • Joint injections (including cortisone and Synvisc)

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